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Lego Ninjago: Lloyd

It's Lego Ninjago time! I was so excited to hear my boy wanted one of these cakes. I had so much fun making it. If I could change one thing, I'd add a couple fondant swords to his back, but I ran out of fondant and time. I love how it turned out regardless! He didn't specify which color he wanted, but I knew deep down, he'd want Lloyd. :) Lego cake for the win! 7 year old boys are awesome!
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Cinderella Doll Cake

My daughter's birthday has come and gone. May is such a busy month for me that I forgot to post her birthday last year, and this year I ran out of time as well. Two months later is bad, right?  Leading up to her birthday, all she wanted was a Minnie Mouse cake, but the day before I started to make it, she changed her mind and decided on princesses instead. With little time to spare, I threw together a Cinderella cake for her. She LOVED it, of course!

Yoda vs. Leonardo the Ninja Turtle Cake

My sweet middle child turn the big 6 yesterday. Where did the time go?! He's BIG into green, so having a green cake was a big must for him. Since Star Wars is the new thing for little boys, he was eager to request a Yoda cake. After many chats with him, he changed his mind and instead wanted a Ninja Turtle cake. I could tell he was really wrestling with it... I suggested we do both and I can't begin to tell you how big his eyes got!   When he arrived home from school, he literally couldn't contain his excitement and proceeded to bounce off the walls until it was bedtime...5 long hours later!  I love how Yoda turned out! And I'm relieved I finally got Leonardo to stand on his own! In my head they were going to be dueling, but I put off making the "people" until the morning of... Not the best time to start!  The night before I was busy making these Ninja Turtle shell cupcakes for school. I don't need to tell you he loved them, right?

Star Wars - Lego Mashup Cake

I've got one more cake in the books! Star Wars must have replaced the Superheros this year... And I have one more Star Wars cake to do this week too!   Super impressed with how this one turned out. And I love that I was able to use "Star Wars" font for the letters. 

What's a birthday without cupcakes? Chewbacca anyone?

Darth Vader Cake

A couple weeks ago, my oldest celebrated his 7th birthday. In the days leading up to his birthday, he was sick on the couch with the flu so the last thing he wanted to think about was cake and what he wanted on it. As he got to feeling better, he decided on a Darth Vader cake. The two of us curled up on the couch and scrolled through Pinterest for ideas until we stumbled upon one similar to this one and he was sold. Despite my hate of black, I made his cake black and cursed the whole time I was attempting to cover it in fondant. Lately I've been doing a lot of buttercream frosting cakes, but since his party was going to be in a humid and warm waterpark, I didn't want to take the chance of it melting off the cake. He loved the little Darth Vader I put on the top of it too, especially since he's holding his birthday candle-light saber.

Birch Tree with Forest Animals Cake

This past week was a busy one in our household - between work and babysitting, there was hardly anytime left in the day. I had been planning this "Montana" themed baby shower cake for a couple months and was really excited about the vision I had for it in my head.  As always, it's a lot easier to put together in my head than it actually is to make it. I had a couple set backs while working on, and not working on the cake this week. First of all, I planned on making the fondant on Tuesday so I would be ready to start sculpting the animals on Wednesday. Both days came and went and I still had yet to start on it. After a labor-intensive Friday, I had the cake baked and frosted and 3 of the 4 animals made. Then my daughter found the animals while I was out of the kitchen...Luckily I was able to quickly repair the damage, complete the outside details of the cake, sculpt the moose, and make cupcakes with time to spare. Phew!
I think it's safe to say this is one of my favo…

Crash! Bang! Boom! Superhero Cake

Just when I had all my cake "stuff" put away, I pulled it back out to make another superhero cake. By the end of August I will have made 5 this year. Never would have guessed that! I can't tell you how excited I am to share this one with you though! 
My dear friend Sara got a hold of me last week in regards to her son's birthday party, which they planned last minute, as in 5 days prior. Seriously something I would do! I put off party planning until the last minute possible. Her son is into superheros, like most boys this age are, so of course he was wanting a superhero cake as well. Here's what they got: In retrospect, I'd probably have made the Superman logo a little bit bigger. Next time... Since there were going to be quite a few kids plus their parents, we figured some extra cupcakes might be a good option. (It's always hard to say how many people a cake will serve - it all depends on the cutter!) She volunteered to pick up some cupcakes to which I s…